Welcome to MedEx

Please note: Content on this website may not reflect any changes made to placements due to COVID-19MedEx will help you navigate to placements and will provide valuable transferable information to help you whilst on placement. For guidance on how COVID-19 affects your placement please log in to read through the eLearning. 

About MedEx

MedEx is a clinical placement information website that defines every secondary care and community placement for all Leeds Medical Students. 

The content is designed to help students to prepare for their clinical placements, rapidly settle into their placement environment and get the most out of their placements experience. 

MedEx is more than a simple student clinical placement orientation website.  In addition to key site-specific information clinical teams provide placement-specific information such as bespoke welcome messages, links to teaching resources, recommended learning material, relevant clinical guidelines and placement learning outcomes.

For clinical teams who host student placements, MedEx provides the opportunity for them to define their placement, demonstrate their commitment and share their placement design, innovations and best practice with other teams. 

For students, MedEx acts as a clinical placement hub providing access to all placement information in one single simple to use resource.

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